Nasal Surgery

NASAL SURGERY, or rhinoplasty, is a well known and very popular procedure. The object is to create a natural looking nose, in harmony with other facial features. The nasal bones and cartilage may be reduced or repositioned to make the profile finer, the angle different, or the width reduced. The important thing is to express your desires, study your photos at consultation and talk through the options. Virtually anything is possible, but common sense, and good taste should be the rule.

My policy is to alter professional photographs with the patient until we reach a “look” that satisfies the both of us, and is reproducible at surgery.

The operation is performed in the ambulatory suite under sedation of full anesthesia, and local. I virtually always perform a closed rhinoplasty, which means no visible scars. Afetr surgery a dressing of paper tape strips and a plastic cast are worn for a week. There is post operative pain for the first night, and adequate medication is prescribed. Vigorous activities must be curtailed for several weeks after surgery.