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4 Tips to Help with Age Prevention

It’s inevitable that we all age but there are ways you can actually help prevent aging like your mother. Consider the following:

  1. Avoid the sun and use a Vitamin C Serum
    Harmful UV Rays break down skin. Two products everyone should use daily are SPF, for sun protection, & Vitamin C Serum with 15% L-Ascorbic Acid. L-ascorbic acid protects skin from oxidative stress, improves previous sun damage & prevents new damage. We offer a Sun Safety Kit with everything you need to protect skin available HERE.
  2. Baby Botox
    Consider little drops of Botox in a few areas like your smile lines, elevens, and crows feet. It’s nice to smile and be expressive but you want your face to go back to normal without showing those permanent lines. Baby botox can help prevent this.
  3. Stop Smoking
    We all know this. Smoking is a risk to your health, causes many health problems, and is terrible for your skin. When talking about your skin, smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, resulting in oxidation and denaturing of collagen. This causes loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkles.

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