3 Secrets to Push A FaceLift

Think of your skin as a form-fitting garment, like tights, that hug your body, move when you move and as you move. After exposure to the elements, multiple washings, and thousands of bends and folds, the tights begin to sag at the joints and generally loosen all over. That how your tights age, it’s even worse for your skin. And, if you are treating you skin proactively you can push back a facelift.

Here are my top tips to push back the facelift to consider:


When you lose volume in your cheeks, skin begins to sag causing jowls to form under the jawline. The minute you notice skin heading south consider Microsuction. Microsuction is a form of liposuction but less invasive. This minimal surgery can remove fat associated with the double chin, instantly eliminating jowls the minute they are seen. Early care and more elastic skin yield the best results.


Volume loss is inevitable when you age and causes skin to wrinkle, face to lose shape, and hollowness in areas like your cheekbones, nasolabial lines and often, chin. I always suggest a Fat Transfer to restore volume and angularity, which is the secret of beauty. Using your own fat is much more permanent than any Filler available and looks more natural.


The tear trough is the semicircular hollow under the eyes. When a patient has puffy lower lids above the trough it is accentuated and create a tired look. Leaving the area alone makes you look older, so I suggest Fat Transfers to this area to eliminate dark shadows and a dissipated look. Doing this early enough will maintain the elasticity in the skin in this area and push off a larger, more invasive surgery.

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Dr. Gerald Imber is a world-renowned board-certified NYC plastic surgeon and is recognized by the US News and World Report as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of his plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dr. Imber has performed more than 3000 Facelifts and specializes in less invasive surgical approaches for face and body. He offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments including innovative esthetic and surgical procedures for both men and women.

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