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Can treating marionette lines early prevent a Mini Facelift?

As our face ages, fat and collagen are depleted causing skin to sag, forming fine lines, wrinkles, and eventually facial folds. Aging can first begin around the eyes because the skin in this area is the thinnest. Another area where aging can be noticeable earlier on, and depending on genetics, is the lower face. Specifically the marionette lines. While it is important to treat areas of concern preventatively and not wait until signs of aging become worse, treating Marionette Lines appropriately and early enough can actually help push off a larger, invasive surgical procedure.

What are Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines are an extension of the nasolabial lines, the lines from the corners of the mouth and go down to the jawline. These lines form as we age and to people with a certain genetic makeup. Once they cross the mandible they are very hard to get rid of so it is really important to treat them early.

If you notice these lines forming, it is important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Imber to learn the treatment options that can help prevent them from getting worse. Treatment options you may be able to consider could include:

Fat Transfer and Microneedling

If the marionette lines have not crossed the mandible then we can inject Fat into the area. A Fat Transfer to the area can help replenish the collagen loss and improve the marionette line. A series of microneedling treatments can also improve the area.

What is a Fat Transfer?

Autologous fat transfer is the medical term for fat grafting. The procedure utilizes your own fat as filler. This minimally invasive procedure fills in lines and folds, builds up cheekbones and chin, and eliminates facial depressions. Fat is the perfect solution to replace exactly what has been lost.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is an effective anti-aging, skin tightening and skin repair treatment. Microneedling is a technique where a technician uses a tool that makes tiny, shallow, micro-incisions into the skin. As the micro-wounds heal, it stimulates significant collagen production.

Early Facelift

If the marionette lines have crossed the mandible then you may be a candidate for an early facelift to correct the concern. This may not be for everyone so it is best to schedule a consultation to see what options are best for you.

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