Can you increase collagen after a certain age?


There is no valve that turns off collagen production. It can be stimulated at any age. The issue that presents itself as we age is the condition of skin preventing you from noticing the healthy collagen. As we age, skin becomes more lax and the result of sun and environmental damage becomes more present. This causes the appearance of new collagen to be less visible and varies for each individual based on how well you have cared for your skin.

What is Collagen and Why is it so important?

Collagen is a protein, a string of amino acids or small chemical groups bound to other amino acids in chains. These protein chains are fiber-like and well-organized with their neighbors in a regular fairly predictable pattern. When the pattern is disrupted, broken down, thinned, or interfered with, wrinkles result. Within the collagen are elastin fibers. These fibers are responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin. If these fibers are denatured or weakened by chemical or mechanical means a loss of elasticity results. The denatured collagen causes skin laxity and wrinkles, so it is in your best interest to maintain the integrity of the collagen and elastin fibers.

There are ways to increase collagen growth as we age. This can include:


Microneedling has proven its worth over several years of successful application. This technique uses a hand-held device with sterile mini blades to stamp hundreds of superficial micro-incisions into the skin. As the micro-wounds heal, it stimulates significant collagen production and results in skin tightening, improving skin laxity, pore size, skin tone and texture.

Regular Microneedling:
This technique uses a hand-held device with sterile mini blades to stamp hundreds of superficial micro-incisions into the skin. We can adjust the depth of the micro-needle based on the area of concern to achieve the best results.

Microneedling with Radio Frequency:
This technology combines the microneedling technique with radio frequency heat, induces collagen growth within the skin, resulting in brighter, tighter and younger looking skin. This technique uses insulated micro-needles to puncture skin delivering energy into different layers of the skin. We can adjust heat temperature and needle depth based on the goals to achieve the best results. This procedure can improve scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity on face and body, and stretch marks.


For a number of well documented scientifically proven reasons, vitamin c may well be the most important of skin related antioxidants. The active form of vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid and is the only useful form of vitamin c and necessary for the reproduction of collagen. Vitamin C has also been shown to have a remarkable sun protective ability and the ability to reverse sun damage. Applying a 15% Vitamin C Serum to skin daily in the morning can help skin in a variety of ways, including stimulating collagen.

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