How To Fix Sagging Jawline

Jowls are extremely common as we age. It is a part of life and happens at different times for each person. As you lose collagen and skin cells start to break down, skin becomes looser. Cheeks become less defined, small fat pockets may accumulate under the chin and skin will droop along your jawline. Skin will hang along your jawline and a less invasive treatment won’t correct this aging concern.

So, what is the solution when your jowls are a bit more pronounced and your jawline is sagging? To fix a sagging jawline, early intervention with less invasive treatments such as Secret RF Microneedling is essential. If the concern hasn’t been addressed promptly, a more invasive solution like microsuction might be required. Even if microneedling is being used to treat the area, it may not necessarily prevent the formation of jowls.

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a term Dr. Imber, board certified plastic surgeon, developed to describe a form of liposuction using tiny specialized instruments to remove excess fat in facial areas. It is a very effective, minimally invasive technique that can improve areas like corners of the mouth, the jawline, hips, abdomen and double chin.

Microsuction is effective at doing 2 things, including getting rid of a double chin and early jowls. These are two signs of aging that if treated early enough with microsuction can help push off more invasive surgical procedures.

Microsuction is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. A tiny hole is made either under the chin or behind the earlobes, through which the cannula is introduced. These sites are chosen because they make for easy access to the trouble spots, and they are not readily visible.

As soon as the skin starts hanging over the jawline, is visible and the jawline is not clean, microsuction immediately improves the area. That is what microsuction was devised for but it does a bunch of other little things as well.

Microsuction tightens the skin in this area resulting in a clean jawline and tighter skin. It can be paired with other surgical procedures like a Fat Transfer to replace volume loss.

During your consultation with Dr. Imber, he will discuss your concerns and suggest the appropriate procedures that can help you achieve your goals.

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