Dr. Imber Tells You The Facts About Filler

Fillers are can help address early wrinkles and developing folds, in addition to enhancing certain areas of the face when performed by a skilled practitioner. Some popular areas where we use Filler, including marionette lines, those nasty lines and folds running down from the corners of the mouth, and fillers are fashionable for plumping up lips and softening lip lines.

While Filler can be helpful, there is a term called “Filler Face” and this is something that you want to avoid. One of the worst things a plastic surgeon can do is overdo the use of filler and this creates filler face. There is a point when one can look worse and not better so common sense must prevail. Filler can help create symmetry of the face and help replace volume loss, which is common as we age. Do your cheeks sag? Have you lost angularity in your face? These are common concerns that filler can help improve!

If you opt for filler that isn’t fat, remember less is more and if there is too much, it can be dissolved.

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Dr. Gerald Imber is a world-renowned board-certified NYC plastic surgeon and is recognized by the US News and World Report as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of his plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dr. Imber has performed more than 3000 Facelifts and specializes in less invasive surgical approaches for face and body. He offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments including innovative esthetic and surgical procedures for both men and women.

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