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Dr. Imber has long taught and written about the concepts of prevention and maintenance. With a dedication to performing the least invasive procedures at an earlier point in time, he has developed and popularized many of the procedures, which provide the framework for the work of the clinic.

Who is Dr. Gerald Imber


Dr. Imber is an internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon, recognized by US News and World Report and Castle Connolly as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States.

In addition to directing his private clinic in Manhattan, Dr. Imber is an Attending Surgeon (plastic) at The New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center.

His special interest is in facial rejuvenation and the treatment and prevention of facial aging. Dr. Imber has pioneered the use of microsuction, a modified form of liposuction, to remove early jowls and tighten jawline, the extensive use of rejuvenating fat transfers, and developed and popularized the Limited Incision Facelift Technique, or Short Scar Facelift, now the gold standard among plastic surgeons. He has performed thousands of facelifts and eyelid surgeries including modified male facelifts, and is constantly striving for the most natural results and the least invasive techniques.

Dr. Imber has among the largest experiences with facial surgery in the world. In addition, he performs the full range of cosmetic procedures, including body, breast and nasal surgery, as well as facial reconstruction following Mohs micrographic surgery.

Dr. Imber has written many scientific papers and several books on anti-aging strategies. The newest edition of Dr. Imber’s best-selling book “The New Youth Corridor” is a step-by-step guide to help undo damage done by time, lifestyle, and the sun, helping you return to the best, most attractive version of you. His interest in medical history led to the 2010 publication of “Genius on the Edge,” his acclaimed biography of W.S. Halsted, the father of modern surgery. Dr. Imber is a frequent speaker and visiting professor, a consultant to numerous magazines and often appears on national television.

The New Youth Corridor

In addition to leading his private practice, Dr. Imber also developed the Youth Corridor anti-aging strategy further detailed in the best-selling book “The Youth Corridor.”

Dr. Imber’s strategy is broken down into three phases PREVENTION, MAINTENANCE and CORRECTION – a complete program to help prevent damage to skin, maintain skin’s health and youthful appearance, and correct signs of aging. This strategy is also the inspiration behind the Youth Corridor skin care brand, offering key treatment products to use at-home, like his signature Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum and RetinUltimate Transforming Gel.

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