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Breast Asymmetry

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Breasts asymmetry can occur as a result of several issues like aging, uneven growth, loss of skin elasticity, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, etc.

Which Corrective Procedure is Right for Breast Asymmetry Problems? What are the Choices Available?

There are various corrective measures for correcting breast asymmetry. Breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation with suitable implants are some ways to make both breasts look symmetrical.

Each procedure offers a solution for different problems like an overdeveloped breast, sagging breasts with dissimilar breast shape, etc. A single treatment may not be the answer for every breast asymmetry dilemma. Looking at the severity, cause, and desired results, Dr. Imber can help determine which option is best.

Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation can be the answer to different breast asymmetry concerns. Some individuals choose this cosmetic procedure to correct the size of their breasts, and some wish to get fuller-looking breasts after surgery. Breast augmentation is done with breast implants. Implants are filled with different materials like a saline solution and silicone gel. The choice of implant can be determined based on the needs of the patient and other factors.

Breast augmentation is usually done under general anesthesia, and there are several incision options available. The incision can be done in the armpit, under the breast in the natural crease, or around the nipple. The decision is taken by the patient and the surgeon before the operation depending on the size of the enlargement, type of implant, anatomy of the patient, etc.

Breast Lift:

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure that involves raising the breast tissue and tightening them by removing excess skin. The breasts have a more youthful and contoured appearance as the surrounding tissue is reshaped.

This cosmetic breast surgery is done under general anesthesia. The incisions made depend on skin elasticity, condition of the breast, the technique used by the surgeon, how much shin has to be removed, etc.

With breast lift surgery, most incision lines are hidden under natural body creases and fade significantly with time. Cosmetic surgeons always aim to minimize scars and improve aesthetics.

Breast Reduction:

Large breasts or uneven breasts can lead to self-image issues and can limit clothing options. Heavy breasts often cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, rashes in the creases of the breasts and can make exercising difficult.

Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a cosmetic procedure for reducing the size of breasts. It can be done on one or both breasts depending on the requirements. This cosmetic procedure takes about three hours. The surgeon removes the extra tissues, fat, and skin from the breasts to make them smaller and aesthetically proportionate.

There are several methods of breast reduction – liposuction, lollipop or vertical method, and the anchor or inverted –T method. What’s best for a patient is determined by their desired results with input from Dr. Imber in considering the size of the breasts, expectations, age and skin quality.

What to Expect if Undergoing Breast Augmentation, Reduction, or Breast Lift?

All three methods of breast enhancement for correcting breast asymmetry involve surgery. Be prepared to set aside time to recover from your procedure. It is extremely important to keep realistic expectations.

It is vital to keep in mind that every case is different. What’s best for you and how long the results will last depends on various factors.

Some breast asymmetry cases can be severe. When one breast has too little or too much volume compared to the other, a breast reduction or a breast augmentation can also be combined with a breast lift procedure.

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