Here Is How You Can Prevent Or Improve Lip Wrinkles

Every woman has them. There are ways to get rid of them and, if you start early enough, ways to prevent getting them.

First of all, Men do not get them because they have thicker skin and richer blood supply in the area. So the answer to not having lines in the upper lip is to have thicker collagen in your skin.

So, how do you go about getting thicker collagen in the area? Let’s break this down.

How does Collagen break down?

When you smoke, purse your lips or are out in the sun, thick collagen fibers that keep skin tight are broken down. The broken collagen fibers are the vertical lines in your lips.

How can you improve these vertical lip lines?

The only way to improve these fine lines is to repair and rebuild the broken collagen fibers.

What treatment helps repair broken collagen?

Up until recently, there hasn’t been a treatment that can improve or prevent these lines but now you can with Secret RF Radio Frequency Microneedling.

During this treatment we use a heated microneedling tool to make puncture wounds in the skin, creating superficial collagen, while also encouraging collagen production on a deeper level. This repairs collagen fibers, making them aligned and much thicker than before.

If you are young when you receive the treatment, it will help prevent these vertical lines from forming. If you ALREADY have the vertical lines this the only way we know that will lighten them and actually get rid of them.

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