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Dr. Gerald Imber is a board-certified, world-renowned plastic surgeon and offers a variety of cosmetic procedures for the body at his New York City surgical practice. With a dedication to performing the least invasive procedures, Dr. Imber has developed and popularized many of the procedures, which provide the framework for the work at his surgical practice.


Achieving a contoured physique is a goal for many and sometimes can’t be achieved through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Enlisting the support of a plastic surgeon who can develop the right treatment plan to help you successfully improve the areas of concern is necessary. And, thanks to innovations in plastic surgery, it is possible.

There are several cosmetic procedures for the body that focus on improving the area of concern. Genetics and lifestyle play a huge role. Cosmetic procedures for the body can be considered after weight loss and correcting genetic concerns, like cankles or flabby arms. Dr. Imber works very closely to determine the best treatment plan that can help his patients achieve their goals, in a realistic approach.



Abdominoplasty surgery, also known as a tummy tuck, is a body contouring procedure in NYC used to create a fitter and more sculpted stomach. This is achieved by removing excess drooping skin and tightening sagging abdominal muscles.

Ankle Microsuction

Ankle microsuction is a body treatment designed to reduce the size of a person’s ankles by removing stubborn fatty tissue. This form of liposuction creates a more graceful and contoured ankle.


Brachioplasty is a form of arm-contouring surgery in New York City. By removing excess fat and skin, we can get rid of bat wings and restore a toned shape to the upper arms.

Breast Augmentation

With the help of breast augmentation in the New York City area, patients can improve breast size and projection. The breast augmentation procedure involves placing silicone or saline implants to improve breast size and appearance.  

Breast Lift

A breast lift, also called mastopexy surgery, reduces the sagging that affects breasts over time. By trimming away excess skin, the breasts are lifted and reshaped for perkier contours.

Breast Reduction

If oversized breasts are causing you to experience physical, social, and/or emotional issues, you may benefit from a breast reduction. A breast reduction removes glandular tissue, breast fat, and skin to reduce the size of breasts. This will help create a breast size that is in proportion with your body. 

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer is a procedure in which excess fatty tissue is taken from one area of the body and transferred to another to replenish volume loss. This can be used for facial rejuvenation, lip augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and on other areas on your body. A fat transfer is used as an alternative to commercial filler and provides a more natural result.


Liposuction is a procedure for body contouring and is designed to remove stubborn fat. When diet and exercise can’t get rid of excess fat in various areas, this surgical procedure is an ideal option. It involves fat removal through a small incision using a cannula.


Microsuction is a specialized form of liposuction utilized for small and precise areas of the body. It removes very small pockets of fat, like under the chin and around the mouth, helping to sculpt the area.

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Which BODY treatment or PROCEDURE is right for me?

The type of body contouring treatment or procedure that is right for you will depend on your goals. Dr. Imber will discuss your treatment options and plan during your consultation. Additionally, his team will advise on all aftercare and will be available to answer any questions you have. To determine the perfect body contouring procedure or treatment for you, it is important to come in for a consultation.

your BODY contouring consultation

The consultation for a body contouring treatment or procedure in NYC begins with an assessment of the selected area for treatment. Dr. Imber will have an in-depth conversation about your goals and will discuss possible results to help you set realistic expectations.

Be ready to discuss your complete medical history and take a few lab tests if needed. Once you are eligible for the chosen body contouring treatment or procedure, our team will set up your appointment and provide special instructions to help you prepare.

contact us to learn more

For more information about body contouring in New York City, contact (212) 472-1800 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Imber. Dr. Imber will be available to assess your goals and determine which treatment or procedure is best for you.

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Dr Gerald Imber

Dr. Gerald Imber, M.D.

Dr. Gerald Imber is a board-certified, world-renowned plastic surgeon and strives to provide his patients the most natural results with the least invasive surgical techniques. He is recognized by US News and World Report and Castle Connolly as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States, on the staff of the Weill Cornell Medical Center, and directs his private surgical practice in New York City.

Dr. Imber has among the largest experience in facial rejuvenation and the prevention of facial aging. He has pioneered many less invasive surgical procedures that are now considered the gold standard among plastic surgeons, such as microsuction, a modified form of liposuction, to remove early jowls and tighten jawline, the extensive use of rejuvenating fat transfers, and the Limited Incision Facelift Technique, or Short Scar Facelift, a modern, less invasive facelift technique.

Dr. Imber performs a full range of cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-invasive, at his Manhattan office, including body, breast and nasal surgery, as well as facial reconstruction following Mohs micrographic surgery.