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Brachioplasty is designed to tighten the skin of the upper arm. Depending on weight gain and loss, and heredity, most people will see a loosening of the skin of the upper arms. It is an unsightly reminder of aging, and has long been a target of innovative surgery.

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Hanging skin on the arms is something that no amount of exercise can correct. You didn’t earn it, it is genetically determined. Either the mini brachioplasty or the full brachioplasty are very well tolerated with enormously satisfying procedures. In mini brachioplasty, performed for less severe cases, the incisions are hidden entirely in the axilla (armpit).

Gerald Imber, MD

Moderate laxity can be treated with virtually an invisible scar hidden in the axilla. More lax skin and fat accumulation in this area can have a scar from the axilla to elbow. For most people a compromise is available which significantly tightens the skin of the upper arm. This is accomplished by suctioning out fat and removing a triangle of skin at the axilla (under arm).

Your Brachioplasty will be performed in Dr. Imber‘s Surgery center located in NYC.

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He is very thorough, meticulous, detail oriented and you cannot negotiate services or anything with him. It’s his way or the highway. I had a lot of work done years ago long before plastic surgery was so common. My daughter went to him last year for lipo and he is exactly as thorough and precise as he was then. If you are a Botox junkie looking for quick fixes on the cheap, he probably won’t be right for you. His work is very subtle, understated, natural and undetectable.
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Results are quite good, and significant complications are rare with Brachioplasty.

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