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Gerald Imber, M.D.


truSculpt® Flex

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Body sculpting treatments offer a way to enhance the appearance of your figure. To obtain a drastic change, most body shaping procedures involve some form of surgery like liposuction. However, TRUSCULPT Flex is one of the few non-invasive muscle-toning treatments that can help you look toned and fit without surgery.

What is TRUSCULPT Flex?

TRUSCULPT Flex is a personalized, non-surgical treatment that sculpts your muscles. The treatment sessions are determined according to the patient’s shape, fitness level, and goals. This procedure deploys multi-dimensional stimulation (MDS) to targeted muscle groups.

The TRUSCULPT Flex muscle-sculpting device delivers low-energy, bio-electric current pulses to tone and tighten muscle groups. During the procedure, handpieces are applied to specific areas of your body. These send pulses into the muscles, forcing them to rapidly contract (similar to working out but more intense). Repeated application of these pulses helps tone and build muscle strength.

Dr. Imber Says….

Flat abdomen and strong core without months of working out – Yes.

Gerald Imber, MD

What To Expect During Your TRUSCULPT Flex Treatment

Once our technician has placed the pods on body, you will experience a series of electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contractions. The muscle contractions you could experience are similar to reactions during a workout. The treatment is targeted around your goals.

TRUSCULPT Flex has 3 treatment modes designed to simulate different types of workouts.
These are:

  1. Prep Mode – This mode warms up the muscles and helps build a tolerance for further treatments.
  2. Tone Mode – In this mode, the muscles will experience a more intense workout, building strength and endurance.
  3. Sculpt Mode – During this cycle, deeper muscle contractions occur encouraging more definition and muscle tone.

A single treatment session lasts up to 45 minutes. Refrain from working out the day of your treatment. You may return to your normal routine the following day.

Before & After

truSculpt® Flex Before & After

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Recovery and Expected Results

With TRUSCULPT Flex, you can treat up to 8 areas in a single treatment session. Similar to other muscle-sculpting devices, multiple treatment sessions are necessary. Within four treatments, you can see noticeable results.

After the procedure, you may experience a slight tingling or muscle soreness in the treated areas. This is similar to how you would feel after a workout. These symptoms can subside within 72 hours.

With TRUSCULPT Flex, you can notice the final look within 8 to 12 weeks. To achieve optimum results, treatments every 2-7 days are recommended. Results vary based on each individual and we recommend following a healthy diet and regular exercise. Maintenance treatments can help to maintain your results.

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