Closeup photo of a woman's lips with nude lipstick and gloss

Don’t Let your Lips Show their Age


Lips age by getting thinner and longer. It happens to everyone and at various times in your life. There are 3 ways to correct your aging lips, leaving them looking youthful.

  1. If the white line on your upper lip has disappeared, Dr. Imber can use a Fat Transfer to restore it and create definition. The white line in your upper lip creates definition and the structure of your upper lip. Without this line, your lip is flat. To restore structure in your lip, Dr. Imber can inject Fat into the area. This makes the upper and lower lip balanced.
  2. If the lip has really thinned out, Dr. Imber can add some fat using a Fat Transfer to the substance of the lip to create more balance and definition.
  3. If the lip has become extremely elongated, Dr. Imber can surgically shorten the entire upper lip by removing some of the skin and muscle with an incision under the nose.

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