A Woman with a Representation of Corrected Dark Circles Under Eyes

How To Correct Dark Circles Under Eyes

We receive questions frequently about how to correct dark circles. It is a concern that many encounter and one that can start in early 20s. Dark circles can be caused by genetics or aging. If dark under eye circles are common in your family, it is likely you may have them as well. Dark under eye circles can cause you to look tired even when you aren’t. And as mentioned earlier, if it is genetics it can begin earlier in life. There are treatments to correct the dark under eye circle and the solution for this concern depends on the severity of the dark circle.

Let’s address how this happens first. If you have familial pigment under eyes then we just address the pigment in the skin alone. This means it is just a pigment issue. We do this using 4% Hydroquinone which is a prescription cream that is applied under the eye. This can improve the under eye pigment in about 3-4 months. If the under eye circle is more significant than just pigment we will use a Trichloroacetic Acid Peel (TCA). This TCA Peel is applied under the eye to improve discoloration. Combining both the Hydroquinone and TCA Peel can alleviate the concern if it is just pigment under the eye that we are looking to correct.

What is Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is a prescription lighting agent that is applied topically to skin. This is available in different strengths and can help improve unwanted pigment in skin.

Most often, it is a combination of pigment in the skin and hollowing under the eye causing a shadow to appear. If this is the case, we fill the tear trough and then apply the peel on top of this. Either of these treatments are applicable in various cases but rest assured you can get rid of the dark circles if you want to.

What is a Tear Trough Augmentation?

A tear trough augmentation uses Filler or Fat Transfer to fill the hollow in the eye to correct the shadow it is casting under eye. This can be performed using filler, which is a temporary, in-office option, or through a Fat Transfer, which is more permanent and a less invasive surgical procedure. By filling the hollow area under the eye, the shadow should be corrected, improving the appearance of the dark under eye circles.

Ultimately, there are options to improve and most likely correct the dark under eye circle.

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