Peggy Siegal

‘How to Look Like Me at 70’: We Got Ahold of Peggy Siegal’s Beauty Bible

At powerful publicist Peggy Siegal’s various 70th birthday parties this past July, she handed out a little pink pamphlet to the gathered guests (among them Woody Johnson, Julian Schnabel, Julia Koch, Larry Gagosian, and Blythe Danner), titled, “How to Look Like Me at 70.” The 20-page booklet, a sequel to “How to Look Like Me at 60,” which she claims “is still being passed around Park Avenue today,” details the doctors, plastic surgeons, and beauty products that keep her looking sprightly. When a colleague alerted me to the existence of said booklet, I promptly emailed Peggy to see if I could get my hands on it, and she messengered one over. There are a lot of gems in there (“Dr. Deland is the ankle king of New York,” “Dr. Imber gave me a new neck on my 59th, and a newer neck on my 66th,” “Dr. Frankel gives the best toe reductions”), but I wanted to know more — and since this is the Strategist, more about her products. So I got her on the horn last week, and asked her to elaborate.

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