Megan Fairchild

Megan Fairchild Spills Her Secrets to Getting Back in Shape 2 Years After Giving Birth


Body en pointe! Megan Fairchild has found the balance between ballet and motherhood, but getting back in shape after giving birth came with its challenges.

The New York City Ballet star, 35, welcomed her daughter, Tullie, in 2018 and struggled to get her body performance-ready before returning to the dance company. Eventually, Fairchild turned to New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber, who provides the TruSculpt Flex procedure to his clients at the Youth Corridor Clinic.

The 45-minute, noninvasive muscle treatment helps rapidly chisel and firm a patientā€™s core. For Fairchild, who experienced a condition that made her abdominal muscles separate during her pregnancy, the changes were ā€œdramatic.ā€

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