Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020

Everyone always asks, what are THE top surgery trends for 2020. While there is so much newness out there, we aren’t here to reinvent the wheel when it comes to surgical procedures and remember cutting corners doesn’t get you anywhere. However, the focus has shifted from bigger more invasive surgeries to minimally invasive surgeries, earlier on. The patient is smarter about their skin and knows that taking a preventative approach can make all the difference.

That being said, not every “popular” procedure is for everyone. The safest solution is to meet with Dr. Imber to discuss your goals, and then learn about your treatment options.

Here are a two surgical procedures that are becoming increasingly popular:

Fat Transfer with PRP

This minimally invasive procedure increases collagen production and the lifetime of a Fat Transfer. To take it one step further, a Fat Transfer, autologous fat transfer, refers to the process of transferring living fat cells from a donor area to another area that needs filling, or volume augmentation, on the same person. Up to 75% is permanent and can be used to restore volume loss in most areas. When you inject PRP, it can extend the life of the Fat Transfer. You can also add Microsuction to this if you are candidate. This will give you the chiseled chin you are looking for.

Cankle Surgery

Are you one of those that doesn’t have any definition between your calf and your ankle? This problem is becoming increasingly popular and Dr. Imber’s solution is microsuction. This surgery is successfully performed with microsuction making a tiny incision of the ankle bone. Through this, Dr. Imber can reshape the ankle bone beautifully. If you time it right, you can confidently bare your ankles by spring.

To see Dr. Imber as a patient, please call (212) 472-1800  to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Gerald Imber is a world-renowned board-certified NYC plastic surgeon and is recognized by the US News and World Report as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of his plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dr. Imber has performed more than 3000 Facelifts and specializes in less invasive surgical approaches for face and body. He offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments including innovative esthetic and surgical procedures for both men and women.

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