Dr. Imber was recently featured in the November issue of Bazaar. The issue should be in stores now, check your local publications to get your own copy. Below is an excerpt of the article:

THE GOLD STANDARD The most popular kind of face-lift is known as the SMAS, which stands for subcutaneous muscular aponeurosis system. Gerald Imber, a plastic surgeon on New York’s Upper East Side who has performed in excess of 3,000 of them, describes the procedure as the skin being “tightened over the cheek, and sometimes all the way down to the jawline or to the platysma on the neck.” An SMAS lift smooths the jowls, nasolabial folds, and neck area. How much laxity you have determines how much skin the surgeon removes. Imber prefers this approach because, he says, “it’s all done superficially, without putting an instrument underneath the deep tissue and taking the risk of injuring a facial nerve.” The forehead, however, isn’t addressed; for that, a minimal temporal lift is needed, but Imber says that Botox can often do the job better. Scars are hidden in the ear and sideburn and behind the earlobe. Recovery time, Imber adds, is about a week.