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What is a C-Lift

The C-lift is a cousin of the Limited Incision Facelift Technique. We began offering this least invasive operation to men some ten years ago. It gained wide acceptance in my practice for a number of reasons. Most men are concerned primarily with jowls and loosening skin under the jawline and neck. When dealing with men, several anatomical differences from women must be respected. Men have beards, and a natural hairless strip of skin between the beard and the ear. This must NOT be violated or the result is unnatural…and there is nothing more unacceptable than that.

Before & After

Facelift Before & After

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How is it performed

A small C-shaped incision within the sideburn, sometimes extending into a natural crease for an inch, or so, is all that is needed to gain access to the underlying Platysma muscle, and the strong SMAS fibers. Tightening these relieves the nasolabial folds, and eliminates jowls and upper neck laxity. Redundant skin is removed and the scar is hidden in the sideburn. A small incision is also made under the jaw to remove skin and help tighten the muscles. Recovery is quick, and signs of surgery are extremely minimal. Surgically removing the nasolabial folds is another innovative procedure particularly useful for men. Here, the entire fold is excised using the nasolabial wrinkle as the site of the incision. The thickness of male facial skin makes for quick healing and no residual evidence of the heavy fold, save for the remaining nasolabial line.

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