What’s the Difference? Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

A Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift are two different things and we are here to provide information about each for you.

A Breast Lift is like tightening the skin. During this surgical procedure excess skin is removed, but not breast tissue. In essence, this operation creates a tighter, higher skin brassiere. When there is less dramatic sagging of the breasts, smaller incisions will often suffice, sometimes only around the areola, where scarring is minimal. The downtime for a breast lift is around 3-4 days with slight discomfort. During your recovery time, we tell our patients to refrain from jiggling to avoid pain. Breast lifts are commonly considered by women who are finished having children.

A Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that focuses on filling out the empty skin to increase breast size, using a breast implant. This surgical procedure involves the use of implants placed beneath the breast to increase breast size. The procedure, in very much its current form, has been performed successfully since the early 1970’s. Nearly 300,000 women undergo the procedure annually. The downtime is around 72 hours with discomfort the first few days.

With both procedures, as with everything, the goal is patient satisfaction and the type of results you are looking for is the main discussion during your consultation.

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Dr. Gerald Imber is a world-renowned board-certified NYC plastic surgeon and is recognized by the US News and World Report as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of his plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dr. Imber has performed more than 3000 Facelifts and specializes in less invasive surgical approaches for face and body. He offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments including innovative esthetic and surgical procedures for both men and women.

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