Honest Advice About Aging From Top NYC Plastic Surgeon

As far as skin is concerned, there are genetic, chemical and mechanical causes for the visible changes that we think of as aging. The fact that we know the three main sources related to aging allows us to efficiently treat your skin for your aging concerns.

Before we explore anti-aging treatments any further, I want to bring up an important point, AGING AFFECTS EVERYONE. You are not alone. There should be no taboos about discussing the problem or the new and advanced, treatments for wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. While confidentiality is paramount in the world of plastic surgery, when openly discussing the topic in the consulting room it becomes obvious that feeling good is closely related to looking good.

When my patients walk out of my office feeling great- and I often receive emails from past patients letting me know how good they feel and look- I know I have done my job well. To those of you just thinking of the topic here are my words of wisdom, stop watching your youth slip away as you pull at your skin and wish things were different. I promise, I’m not trying to sell you the fountain of youth, because that is simply not possible. But, I want to help you help yourself and share with you what I know about aging.

Now, let’s get to it. The first step is to look at yourself in the mirror to identify your concerns. Whether it is squint lines by your eyes or faint horizontal lines across your forehead, the sooner you identify your areas of concern, the earlier you can start preventing the inevitable. While seeking professional help for anti-aging treatment is very important, it is also important that your personal problem areas are clear to both you and the doctor. The goal is to see the results YOU are looking to see, not what someone else is looking to see.

I will leave you with one more thought, in this day and age we are living longer, creating far more memories than anyone probably conceived. Additionally, we have this little thing called social media, where we are documenting our ENTIRE lives. Whether you are entering the Youth Corridor, or in the midst of it, I want you to look back at your Instagram feed and remember each moment as a good one, from the way you felt emotionally to the way you felt in your skin. I often hear people comment on themselves in old pictures, saying, “That was a great day, but look at the way my eyes are drooping,” or “I look so old.” Worst of all is what some people call ipad face. That face looking up from under your chin exaggerating every flaw. You don’t look that bad…no one looks that bad, but it reminds us of the task at hand.

Let’s work together to try and fix what needs fixing, so you can look your happy, youthful best. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Imber, please call (212) 472-1800 or email info@drimber.com.

Dr. Gerald Imber is a world-renowned board-certified NYC plastic surgeon and is recognized by the US News and World Report as among the top 1% of plastic surgeons in the United States. He is the Director of his plastic surgery practice located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dr. Imber has performed more than 3000 Facelifts and specializes in less invasive surgical approaches for face and body. He offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments including innovative esthetic and surgical procedures for both men and women.

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