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The Benefits of Preventative Botox

The best way to treat a wrinkle is to prevent it and with Botox this is possible. People as young as their early twenties sometimes show signs of smile lines and frown lines, and using small amounts of Botox in these areas can stop the wrinkles before they form. A bit about Botox. Botox is […]

How To Look Young During Your Adult Life

How wonderful could it be if you could maintain your youthful appearance throughout adulthood, middle age and beyond? That is the driving force behind Dr. Imber’s practice and here are a few tips on how you can help yourself look and feel your best during adult life. 1. Prevention- Start Young! Start treating your skin […]

Our Office is Open- Time to Book Your Appointment

Our office is open and we are ready to see you! We are all taking the necessary precautions to ensure your appointment is as safe as possible. So, now that the door is unlocked, what is on your procedure bucket-list? Here, we outline a few of the most popular procedures being performed at our office: […]

Memorial Day Skincare

As we head into the unofficial start of summer, it is important to remember that skin can easily be damaged from the sun. And no matter how much exposure you may have, you need to practice sun safety tips. Apply SPF Religiously Right when you wake up apply SPF 30+. Then when you are outside, […]

How to look your best on a video chat

Whether it is a Zoom work call, Birthday party, or FaceTime/Houseparty Happy Hours you are probably finding yourself in front of the camera much more frequently. In addition to having to get it together from the stomach up, you are also staring at your reflection thinking about your best angle and counting the number of […]

Botox 101

Botox has been all the rage since it was approved by the FDA in 2002. It is the most effective temporary method to smooth out frown lines and wrinkles caused by the action of the muscles of facial expressions. Here is everything you need to know about Botox: It is most commonly used in the […]

Top 3 Daily Habits to Start

Good habits. Bad habits. Habits are the result of repetitive behavior. We are at home, isolated, distanced, and a bit stir crazy. This is going to be more than a moment in time. Things will change, we will change, and perhaps we ought to look at how we deal. Let’s make the best of this […]

Top Early Signs of Aging

Dr. Imber has always focused on identifying trouble areas and fixing them early enough so you may not need more than minor procedures to keep looking your best. You will always benefit from the effort and interest you have invested, especially when compared to someone who does nothing. Here is a list of annoying changes […]

Honest Advice About Aging From Top NYC Plastic Surgeon

As far as skin is concerned, there are genetic, chemical and mechanical causes for the visible changes that we think of as aging. The fact that we know the three main sources related to aging allows us to efficiently treat your skin for your aging concerns. Before we explore anti-aging treatments any further, I want […]

An Inside Look At My Practice

In my busy career as a New York plastic surgeon, I have performed more than fifteen thousand operations, including nearly four thousand face-lifts, and it is fair to say that I know skin inside and out. Through these years I have been consumed with the very basic problem of how to control facial aging. My […]

The New Youth Corridor